Floor performance


Enabling casino floor managers to monitor and optimize their floors with an interactive map


Tangam Systems

My Role

Product Designer


Desktop & Tablet

Project Context

Tangam Systems, a global leader in casino table games optimization, empowers casino floor managers with data-driven insights through TYM, their flagship product. TYM enhances casino revenue by offering predictive analytics, actionable recommendations, data visualizations and heat maps for table games. SODA extends this mission to slot machines, aiming to replicate TYM's success.

Within that context, this case study delves into the design journey of a specific dashboard within the expansive SODA product – the Floor Performance dashboard.

The SODA Floor Performance initiative involved reimagining the established floor performance map feature of TYM, this time tailored exclusively for slot machines. This project encapsulates a harmonious blend of design creativity and the aspirations of gaming optimization, shaping a more efficient and profitable casino experience.

My Contribution

The project emerged as a collaborative endeavor, bringing together a diverse set of stakeholders including myself as the product designer, the project manager, another designer, and the president of Tangam. My role encompassed active engagement in initial discussions, conducting comprehensive research, and assuming sole responsibility for crafting the UI design and high-fidelity mockups.

Design Process

User Flows

Key Research Insights

As a result of our research, we gathered three key insights that we used to guide the project:


Map Visibility: Our research highlighted that users found it frustrating to scroll to view the entire map. This insight emphasized the need for an always-visible map without the necessity of scrolling.


Hidden Update Button: Users often overlooked the Update button on the Refine By bar, especially on smaller screens. Addressing this concern required a more accessible placement of the Update button.


Refine By Controls: The controls in the Refine By bar were overwhelming to users. Simplifying and streamlining these controls became a crucial focus area.

Low Fidelity Prototype

To address usability issues, a low-fidelity prototype was developed. This version tackled many of the initial concerns and formed the foundation for the subsequent high-fidelity prototype.

High Fidelity Prototype

The high-fidelity prototype resolved the identified pain points:


Improved Map Visibility: The map and controls were designed to occupy the window entirely, ensuring constant visibility without the need for scrolling.


Accessible Update Button: The Update button was repositioned to the bottom of the filter bar, ensuring its constant visibility and accessibility.


Streamlined Controls: To alleviate user overwhelm, the quintile controls were relocated from the Refine By bar to the bottom bar.

Gathering Feedback

Feedback from clients and power users within the company played a crucial role in refining the design.


Hamburger Menu Intuitiveness: The usability of the hamburger menu for the side bar came under scrutiny, necessitating adjustments for enhanced user understanding.
Long Metric Names: Users noted that some metric names were too long to fit in the new top bar, requiring a reevaluation of the layout.
Settings Button: The similarity between the settings button in the top right corner and the settings icon raised confusion, prompting a need for visual differentiation.

Final Outcome

The project successfully resolved the major pain points of the previous version, significantly improving the user experience of the floor performance map. The redesigned version received positive feedback from beta customers, indicating its effectiveness and usability.




The SODA Floor Performance project exemplified a collaborative effort to enhance Tangam Systems' floor performance monitoring. By addressing user frustrations, implementing accessible design elements, and incorporating user feedback, the project achieved its goal of optimizing the interactive floor map for SODA Floor Performance.