StudBuds is an online marketplace for university students to find tutors.



My Role

Branding, Prototyping, UX Design, Web Design


Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

My individual contribution

My focus at StudBuds was user interface design, UX design, product strategy and marketing. I worked closely with the team to build out the StudBuds platform. This project consisted of researching, designing, prototyping and marketing. Being a small startup taught me a ton of valuable lessons. Most importantly, I learned how to closely collaborate in a small team to build and launch a real a product.

The problem

We were frustrated by the mediocre tutoring platforms, marketplaces and posting sites that were dubious in quality and couldn't guarantee a reliable experience for the student. We saw a lack of innovation in the tutoring industry and wanted to do better. How might we improve the way that people find and book tutors?


On the dashboard tutors can see their rating, upcoming lessons, recent lessons and chat with students.


Students can search for tutors by typing in a course code or a subject. When the student finds a tutor that they like they can start a conversation.


Once the student and tutor decide on a time they can book a time slot. After the lesson is completed the payment is automatically processed.

Project status

We  launched the platform in September 2016, but have since halted development on StudBuds, though the site remains live.