Chef teaches cooking techniques and skills to young people that want to cook but don't know where to start.



My Role

Front-end development, UX Design, Web Design, Product Design


Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

The problem

The goal for Chef is to help millennials develop the basic building blocks of cooking. Research shows that a growing amount of young adults aged approximately 16-28 lack the confidence and skills to cook for themselves. This is leading to health, monetary and social issues. Chef builds confidence, teaches cooking techniques and builds skills to help people become better cooks.

My individual contribution

This project was completed by myself and one other team member. The pair of us worked closely to design the initial product plan. I then started to design the visual language of Chef starting with the color scheme, typeface, and grid systems. After the visual language was established my team member and I designed the desktop mockups together in Adobe XD. Finally, I coded the website with Webflow and made it responsive on tablets and phones.


Users are presented with a selection of video courses. There are three classifications of courses, basics, essentials and guide to. Each type of course targets a certain type of learning.


Chef has interactive weekly contests that award users XP and badges. The contests are recipe challenges where users are given a basic recipe, their job is to expand upon the base recipe and post a photo of their final creation to the website. 


Users can vote on their favourite contest submissions. The three most popular entries from each week earn a gold, silver or bronze crown respectively to be displayed on the public leaderboards.


Users can compete among each other for the top position. Additionally exclusive content such as behind the scenes videos will become available after reaching 5000XP. Users will also be able to redeem XP points on the online store for items such as T-shirts, mugs and stickers.


Users can sign up and create profiles. In the profile section users can view their points, awards, recipes, favorites and courses.

User generated content

Users can also submit their own recipes to gain XP and points.

Project status

Chef was created for a school project and I don't have any plans to pursue it further.