An app for people that want to get the best value out of their alcohol purchases.


Self Initiated

My Role

UX Design, App Design, Product Design



My individual contribution

This is a solo project that I started for myself. Everything from the designs to the idea are my own.

The problem

As a student I tried to spend my money as efficiently as possible. As I browse through the isles of the LCBO I always wondered "How much alcohol am I getting for my money?" With that question in mind I designed AlcoholMate.


Users are presented with a selection of products sorted in various categories such as popular products and alcohol type. All the product information is pulled from the LCBO API which keeps an up to date database of all LCBO products.

Product details

When a user clicks on a product they are brought to its product page where they can look at its details and view similar products.

User inputted products

Users can input their own drinks to find the cost per drink. This is useful when items aren't listed in the LCBO database.


All of the items that users like or manually input are stored in their favourites section so they can easily refer back to them.

Project status

AlcoholMate is a solo project that I began designing in December 2017. I don't currently have any plans to develop it further, though the web prototype is live at